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This Ole Saloon

Many a cowboy's come in here;
This ole wood built saloon,
And many a businesses've built round it
Tryin' to force a silver spoon.
Many a card game and dominoes
Have been played on this creaky floor,
And many a song have been written and sung;
And I hope for a good many more!
Nary a man has staggered out
(Least not from too much brew)
And nary a shot has flared a temper
The way some normal shots do.
Nary a secret this barkeep heard
Ever slipped from under my hat
And nary a patron could ever complain
That the drinkin's what made him fat!
This ole saloon will still stand tall
(Lord willin' and the creeks don't rise).
This ole saloon will welcome you
And give you quite the surprise!
This ole saloon serves the brew
Of a Tennessee mountain man
'Cause never a beer nor whiskey can cheer
The way Cowboy Coffee can!

©Cowboy Christian 2009

When you're here, you're Cowboy.

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